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Thank you for visiting my blog. I graduated from The University of North Texas (GO MEAN GREEN!) with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies, and this is my second year teaching. I am so excited to be teaching third grade again this year. I couldn’t ask for a support system. I believe creating a better society depends on educating our children about social issues, how to collectively solve them, and how to help learners identify who they are and develop their individual identities. My first year teaching I focused on creating a more global classroom, but was honestly trying to sort out how to be a first year teacher. I have been exploring global connections again this year, as well as integrating technology into the classroom. One of my goals is sharing more, so thank you again for allowing me to do so!
I consider my family to be an extremely important aspect of my life. In March of 2012, I married my husband, John Scott. He moved here from Scotland in 2008 to pursue his academic and athletic goals.Yes, he is actually 7 feet tall! It can be helpful in crowds. We do not have any children, other than our cats, Samson, Avery, Lulu, and Clyde. I have a strong connection with animals and have been a vegetarian for about six years now.
 It's very hard for me to choose a favorite between cats, reading, running, and cooking-after family, of course. When I’m not teaching or discovering new resources for my classroom, you can find me swimming laps at the pool, running 5Ks with my friends, riding my mountain bike on nature trails, finding live music to experience with my husband and friends, burying my nose in a great book, photographing animals, or snuggling up with my cats.

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