Sunday, March 13, 2016

Building A Global Classroom/Community

Building Global Connection

While scheduling conflicts allow us to be flexible teachers, they only left me with thirty minutes to cover a wide range of topics this time around. I had a sit down with  the librarian at our campus. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my laptop, but she graciously let me type some notes on her computer in the comforting, calming library environment. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep enough useable notes with pen and paper. Both our minds quickly began racing. Later, our digital learning coach sat in on our collaboration.

First, our librarian talked about getting started through Twitter. Our DLC would say she was a “hard sale” to Twitter. Our librarian would say that once she did join, Twitter changed her perspective about teaching. I would like to add that one of the big “Aha” moments I had after talking with these two incredibly knowledgeable colleagues of mine, is that there is not an “easy fix” to connect. You can’t simply switch the “global connection” button to on. It takes effort and interest. Luckily, we all know most teachers that have an incredible amount of passion for what they do. The first step is channeling that passion to get interested in what others have to offer. Her first connection was through Twitter in 2011. Some advice shared between our librarian and our DLC included starting small.
 How to "start small":
  1. Create a Twitter account.
  2. Create a Twitter handle. (example: @mrsallison3B)
  3. Write a bio for others to know more about you.
  4. Follow authors, librarians, teachers, bloggers, etc.
  5. Follow chats.
Building a PLN
By following these simple steps, our librarian was able to build relationships by building her PLN, personal learning network. Her definition of a PLN is a community of fellow learners that inspire her and with whom she can collaborate.

While she was a fourth grade teacher as she began to build her PLN, she started with #fourthchat. This is a grade level chat where others with the same interests can join in a chat. It is one of the many examples of a “Twitter Chat” that meets every Tuesday. This chat allowed her to build relationships that led to Skype sessions. This chat was relatable to her because everyone communicating and collaborating were also teachers. As is #edchat.These Twitter chats happen on a regular based schedule and allow others to collaborate on topics that interest them.
Sundays at 8pm Central TZ: #txeduchat
Thursdays at 7pm Central TZ: #globaledchat 

You can find a list of useful chats here: Twitter Chat List and Schedule
Another chat worth following each Thursday is #GLOBALEDCHAT 
See the information below:

I can't wait to see what we will learn tonight with "txeduchat" at 8pm. It is the first chat I will be participating in. I have looked up past posts with the hashtag, but am excited to see what happens live. I hope everyone who sees this joins in!

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