Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Twist on Persuasive Wonders

When we started planning the exploration of persuasive texts, we decided we would let the learners explore persuasive books, articles, and advertisements. I didn't think of putting a twist on this lesson until the night before. I realized I was out of sticky notes and didn't want to go to the store. It's funny how you can turn around a situation or turn down a new path because of such a small thing.

Anywho, I decided to have groups of learners investigate their persuasive texts with iPads and put their "notices/wonders" on Padlet stickies.

Once the groups were done exploring, we sat together as a class on the carpet and discussed what we noticed by reading the stickies together. I had another teacher in the room while this was happening and she asked if our class could come teach her class. Later, she said she was impressed how "on target" my learners were and how on task they were during the exploration.

We discussed persuasive language and I wrote an anchor chart during our discussion. The anchor chart and Padlet link are up in the room if learners need to reference them in the future. It would be interesting to share out with other classrooms or see if they noticed similar language and/or to have a discussion together. Perhaps next year we can plan in that extension.

This lesson was originally based on Day 1 and 2 from The Curriculum Corner.

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